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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Too Grotesque for Mere Schadenfruede

The revelation that former GOP Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert sexually abused at least four minors and then tried to pay to keep it silent is disturbing in and of itself. It certainly is troubling that he abused those kids before leading the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for lying about a consensual affair after his predecessors were removed from that position for various things. It was probably really weird when he found out about Mark Foley and those pages

But what does it say about hypocrisy? What does it say about so-called "family values"?

I dunno.  What does it ever say? George Reker, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig. John G. Schmitz (father of Joseph E. Schmitz and Mary Kate Letourneau.) There's a lot of fucking about amongst yon pillars of rectitude. And hypocrisy is, verily, really awful.

But kid-touching is really worse than just hypocrisy. So I look at Hastert with something worse than just schadenfreude. And I am sure some foreign tongue has a name for it, even if I don't.


Formerly Amherst said...

Vixen, I believe that you care about family values.

You haven't said much about your mother, but you have written about your father, and I've never read anything that didn't demonstrate respect and appreciation for your father and your family. You apparently go to the christenings of some of the kids in your family, and my perception is that this all underscores a family that has family values.

It is a shame that people keep politicizing normal things that everyone needs. The g & l Alicia and I frequently talk about how impossible it would be to raise kids today. I live next door to a high school coach, and in my small town what goes on at the high school is a common topic of conversation. You have drugs, you have ambiguous moral structures, you have a culture that is doing everything possible to make it tough for parents.

Peggy Noonan once said that in the past we relied on the culture to help raise our children, but today we have to work to protect our kids from the culture.

Frankly I think most decent human being believe in family values.

Hastert is a degenerate psychopath. Had he simply lusted after underage men, he would just be a degenerate. But actually raping them makes him a psychopathic personality. I've mentioned that around 70 or 80% of politicians are psychopaths. As you are aware, certain professions attract certain people. For example, it is well known that gay citizens are frequently attracted to show business and the arts in general. Politics really does attract psychopathic personalities, and should a person read up on them, it's easy to see why.

The number of politicians who have been implicated in shady sexual proclivities has a long and sordid history. Now Hastert joins the group. You know, it is oft been repeated that the way our politics works does not attract good people to participate. Wise and good people rarely want to put themselves through the political process.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ah yes Both Sides Do It... The problem with that cynical narrative is that one side is actively PASSING Laws to demonize and criminalize those who don't conform with Heteronormative society. Then when it turns out the members of that Party are engaged in out right criminal sexual abuse and Lurid hetero and homosexual affairs they merely have to repent and their party gladly accepts them back into the fold and into the halls of power.

Weiner for all his faults was NEVER in the room with these women he sexted and thus never touched or engaged inadultery beut because he was an outspoken Democrat the conservative hypocrites took him out.