Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, April 4, 2016

All Buzz, No Fly?

The idea that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan can swoop in and get the 2016 GOP nomination for president sounds great, except for all the details. Like, when he was being talked about for Speaker, activists were calling him "too establishment"--so how would that change in a big year for insurgents at a brokered convention against Trump?  You know, the guy who suggested there could be "riots" if he did not win the nomination. Ryan has reportedly emphatically said no.

Which I guess is being treated like a firm "maybe".

But really--I was shocked when he became Romney's running mate. His House gig is a good gig, and a VP run didn't seem like a step up. I don't know how much good a failed Presidential run does him. (I do not see success, here.)  Also--

Who in the heck would replace him as Speaker!?  (I know, I want Nancy Pelosi. I want lots of things...)


mikey said...

I think the GOP leadership has concluded that they can't win this year anyway, and Trump would be destructive to the downballot races, so go ahead and hand the nomnination to Cruz or Ryan and live with the squeals of outrage and butthurt...

Formerly Amherst said...

Greetings Vixen in a crumbling world,
Hayek wrote that civilization begins when people learn they can exploit workers.

The study of organized crime in criminology reveals that (especially in big cities), step 1, the racketeers run the city and use politicians. Steps 2: politicians eventually gain supremacy and use the racketeers.

There has been a progressive evolution in the political parties and now both are completely, entirely corrupt.

Hillary has lost 7 of the last 8 primaries and still retains control because of super delegates. I am not altogether displeased, because I understand where socialism leads. However, the Democratic Party has now practically become so corrupt it simply negates elections with a rigged process.

The Republican Party has now been wedded to Versailles. We do not have Democrats and Republicans; we have one huge House of Lords which was enshrined the principals of taking huge amounts of money from the donor class and carrying out the donors' will. The ruling class doesn't really care whether Democrats or Republicans win. 5% of them change heads and all the rest of the lobbyists and staffers and bureaucracy hang on to their affluent jobs. Now the richest 5 counties are around Washington, DC, because that's where the money is.

The situation with Paul Ryan that you point out is corruption, pure and simple. We need to have foreign countries send observers to oversee our elections because they are being negated. We're practically a banana republic already.

No matter how many people vote for Bernie, the election doesn't matter. On the Republican side, the ruling class is working hard to figure out how to cleverly manipulate circumstances so that Republican elections don't matter either.

The ruling class, our own House of Lords, now decides the important issues, and the public is just a bunch of rubes that can be manipulated by the fervor of the horse race. I expect within 50 years they will have done away with elections altogether.