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Friday, March 25, 2016

Ted. Cruz. Sex. Scandal?

If you're nasty and you know it, raise your hand!

Based on the news of the day, I picked a hell of an election year to stop being a blackout drunk. Apparently, the competition between GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and second place Senator Ted Cruz has devolved from a race to see who could offer a more disturbingly bad game plan for addressing terrorism in Europe, to juvenile sexism and now, a tabloid tale about Cruz being a serial adulterer.

Damn, that's distasteful to think about. Naturally, Cruz alleges that this is some of the Trump campaign's nasty handiwork, which has some merit, as this level of ratfucking is a Roger Stone specialty and National Enquirer's CEO David Pecker and Donald Trump go back a ways. But there's some possibility that this salacious story has Team Rubio's entirely normal sized fingers all over it.

Given that Marco Rubio is no longer in the race, that's not so much a matter of strategic story-placement, as a delightful display of positively personal animus. Still, I wonder...

As Senator Cruz is a family man and I'm just a humble blogger, I've only got so much freude to schaden over the story, except to say that in a match-up with a grandiose braggart whose digit-measuring borders on the obsessive, there is one person who might actually benefit from a rumor that Ted Cruz is getting busy like a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest--

Think about that for a minute.

As to the idea that it's absurd to think Ted Cruz actually can or does get more tail than a peacock ranch, friends, I can't even. But as Kissinger once said, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" and rolling up on the honeys with "Hi, I'm a US Senator" might work with the congress-groupies. I. Guess. Probably. Exist. Hmm. Also, preacher's kids, right? and something about the biggest sexual organ is the brain.

I reserve judgment. I have the feeling I may need it later. After all,  holier than any of y'all Ted Cruz has accepted the endorsement of every homophobic bigot you could shake a stick at.  And while the Ten Commandments refrains from mentioning gay folks, it does bother to list adultery as a big no-no.

As with train wrecks and people with something nasty hanging off their face, one both wants to look away, and can't.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

This race was bad enough when it was focused on Trump's penis, now that it's focused on Cruz' penis, it's unbearable.

The suspicious thing here is that one of the alleged mistresses is a Trump rep and another is a Fiorina rep... how convenient. Could either of these individuals have set Cruz up for a fall? If the rumors are true, how could Cruz be so stupid to fall into a honey trap like this?

Vixen Strangely said...

There is something very sleazy implicit in all this that I can't (won't) exactly put my finger on--the idea that the story could have been peddled by Trump people or Rubio people means that those rumors have been around--and makes me wonder at whether there's a grain of truth. If turning on Heidi Cruz was something the Trump campaign did in retaliation for the semi-naked pic of Melania Trump that was put out by an anti-Trump super PAC, the claims that the Cruz campaign itself put that pic out there is a bit of dirty pool--after all --*wink*, campaigns don't collaborate with those super PACs, right? But Trump insists it's the Cruz camapaign that went after the picture--trying to secure rights to a naked Melania photo. So, um, tit for tat? (Or "tat for tit" to be slightly more accurate.)

But some of these rumors may be a couple years old, meaning not related to any 2016 entrapment of Ted Cruz. Working theory a) he actually is a player and b) these women can't say they were "taking one for the team". And also swweeetjeebusonatractorhitchpleasedon'tbeasextape.....

Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, I hope you had a good vernal equinox. As you probably know, the vernal equinox is one of the important periods in the life of a lodge, because it is one of the periods when our inner contacts with energy is renewed. Whether you consider this from the point of view of cosmology or psychology is less important than the achievement of the renewal. (Sometimes, among seasoned practitioners, it turns on like a sudden light bulb illuminating a darkened room.)

About Ted Cruz, I would suggest that the veracity of the charges can be measured by whether the campaign sues the National Enquirer. If the Enquirer is not sued it might suggest that Cruz would not want facts brought out in open court. Frankly, after John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and John Edwards, it's hard to imagine anyone being particularly shocked.

Brussels is an example of a “country” without an egregore being assumed by a foreign egregore. If you dislike Christianity, you're going to loathe sharia. As the West deconstructs its own egregore the vacuum will be filled by sharia. Europe, with some exceptions, probably only has another 20 years before it is an Islamic fortification. The question is whether the United States will so weaken its own egregore that it follows Europe into the abyss. We are living in treacherous times, and of course the fact that it's the Kali Yuga is not encouraging.