Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's What They Want

After taking about a week to recalibrate the fine instruments that keep this blog in tune, it would just be impossible to recap the things that I missed blogging about--if Sen. Jeff Sessions and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach endorse Donald Trump, this is fairly in line with what I'd expect, but NJ Gov. Chris Christie?  If Sen. Marco Rubio finally decides to come out swinging against Trump, but is reduced to attacks that sound like calling him "Babyhands McSpraytan"--doesn't that kind of impair the gravitas that a particularly young candidate might have difficulty projecting in a general election against a Democratic candidate who will, regardless, be old enough to be his parent?

We have reached a place in this campaign where my observations made me feel like the fine-tuning process was going poorly--do this many people have no actual damn sense?

And yet, as the last couple of days unfolded, with Donald Trump blaming a failure to repudiate the Klan (!?) on a faulty earpiece, as if one lives in the USA and has not heard of either the Ku Klux Klan or David Duke (this was dumb when Rep. Steve Scalise tried it, and especially dumb when Trump is trying it), with a Secret Service Agent on Trump's detail choke-slamming a Times photographer, and an event where thirty black students were escorted from a Trump rally just for existing--I realized this all makes sense when you get that this is what Trump supporters want.  It looks bad to me, and probably my regular readers, and it is objectively bad.

It is, nonetheless, what some people want. Trump has been demonizing journalists and activists and insulting minorities throughout this campaign. There can be no question that the birther movement, of which he was no small part, was meant to inflame racist sympathies.

And if that's what they want--it's only lockstep libtard political correctness when you criticize him for being in no big hurry to alienate white supremacists.

So why wouldn't this be a big day for Trump Triumphalism? He is giving certain Americans something they want. What throws me is just how many there are who want, is all. But it confounded the GOP elites, who should have known their party better than I do, as well. So there is that.


mikey said...


Thanks Vixen!

I've been saying, shouting and repeating this for a year. It's not Trump that scares me - Trump, like the honey badger, simply doesn't give a shit. It's the huge number of Americans who have become frustrated with the lack of hatred, anger and violence available to them in the furthest right mainstream political party. Trump is the perfect huckster. He peeked through the curtain and read the room. And while his opponents were yelling about social security and Obamacare and challenging each other with increasingly esoteric conservative purity contests, Trump simply gave the crowd what they wanted. His confident, alpha-male stream of consciousness stump speech hits all the primary drivers of this constituency. The other tribe, the other color, the other nationality, the other religion - these things are dangerous. These are the things that stand between you and the greatness that is America. These are the barriers I'll push aside so you great white christian Americans can once again assume your rightful position at the top of the food chain.

And while the party stood around and discussed dispassionately when he would implode, when the people would see reason and let the party provide them with another McCain, another Romney, Trump was cementing his position as the leader of movement conservatives, not of the Republican party. This leaves the party with an ideology, leadership, plenty of resources and virtually no voters.

Not a good position for a political organization to find itself in...

Gerald Parks said...

Vixen ...

You are spot on ..the GOP/Republican front runner IS giving a LARGE segment of the American people what they want ...permission to be white supremacist,Christian, domestic terrorist IN public.

The ONLY folks surprised by all of this is The GOP/Republican "establishment". This group has failed to see and understand that their polices and practices are damaging the people they have been manipulating. However, more importantly the people who've been damaged HAVE seen and understand that the Party HAS damaged them AND not delivered.

The amnesia regarding the disastrous and failed Bush/Cheney/GOP/Republican governance 2000-20008 has finally begun to wear off.

The opposition Party that made the conscious decision to be the obstructionist Party of NO ... has failed. Their target was elected TWICE and has been successful by just about every metric in governance AND remains well liked by the vast majority of the American people.