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Monday, February 1, 2016

Ted Cruz Sure Has a Way About Him, Huh?

I'm going to try, just for a moment, to not be a cranky-ass liberal blogger, and just note that campaigning is tough business for adults, but for a kid who just about understands what's going on, it is exhausting, and maybe she just wasn't into performing for the cameras at the moment and otherwise has no issues with Papa Cruz. But then again, she's already been used in a campaign ad and gotten 1) side-swiped by a mean-spirited cartoon because of it and 2) used again to fundraise because of said mean-spirited cartoon. None of that sounds like she has any reason to enjoy this process.

TBogg notes that Cruz' interpersonal awkwardness is the opposite of fun for the whole family. I can only shake my head. A picture is worth a thousand words, but who is to say the words are true? And yet, when he's making little kids cry, or sending out fraudulent mailers, or when he lies about not being insured when he has no solutions for the actual uninsured,  it becomes easy to wonder how anyone does like him. And yet, he is not without his endorsements--from people like Tony Perkins, Mike Bickle, Troy Newman, and 'em.

Still and all, this clip of his kid flicking him away is probably terribly unfair to point to as proof that Cruz is creepy or anything. Kids gonna kid, right?  And yet I find I do not care.

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mikey said...

Again, just like Trump, I LOVE the guy.

He's so ideologically rigid, carries so much political baggage, and on top of all that he's smarmy, arrogant, creepy and unlikable.

Hey, he's exactly the guy you want playing for the other team.

You have Trump, whose national support is going to top out in the low 40s, whose incoherent stream of consciousness word-salad speeches, his complete ignorance of the issues, his inability to tell the truth and his need to dominate every engagement will destroy him in a general election campaign.

But just in case he stumbles along the way, the second string is Cruz. Unlikable, detestable, arrogant, rigid, out of touch Cruz.

Y'know, it's really hard for a party to hold the White House for three or more terms. Thankfully, these guys are making it a whole lot easier....