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Monday, January 25, 2016

That Didn't Go as Planned, Did it?

So, imagine you'd been working for eight years of your young life on a project to bring down a major reproductive health care nonprofit on the basis of some highly-edited, surreptitiously-filmed videos that purport to show some illegal activity, and then when you finally deploy that hard work--gosh darn it all, it's like you're the bad guy?

Well, I guess that must be where David Daleiden is sitting with his bad self, because a grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood decided to indict the Center for Medical Progress activist and his associate, Sandra Merritt, for tampering with government evidence, and, ironically, attempting to purchase human organs. (Purchasing human organs is not legal. Donating fetal tissue is. After eight years working on this thing, the legal distinction should not have escaped the anti-choice activists' attention--but of course, their purpose was always to blur that line.) Daleiden could quite possibly see prison time.

Numerous states have now investigated Planned Parenthood and cleared them of any wrongdoing. These false videos have basically revealed, not that Planned Parenthood is a bad organization, but that there is something deceitful and low about the anti-choice movement. They could not limit the rights of people to exercise their own reproductive health choices with the truth, so they resorted to falsehoods.

That certainly did not go as planned for them.

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