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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Confused Gunowners Seize Wildlife Refuge, Say Things

It looks like a couple of the Bundy family and 140-something of their buddies are "occupying" the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and double-dog-daring the federal government to shoot at them. They would also like "patriots" who also hate the federal government to come join them.

This is after, of course, they got turned down for offering "help" to Dwight and Steven Hammond who are facing prison sentences for arson on public land. And after local folks didn't seem too eager to protest with them. But they are acting, in their own belief, as "the tip of the spear" against government tyranny.

That's nice. The government has not cracked down on them as yet for the same reason they didn't rain hell on them back at the Bundy ranch.

It would give them too much satisfaction.

They've also said some stuff about how they will hold this headquarters for years. I guess if the power is cut and they can do something about the water supply, given they are as well-provisioned with food as a moderately-big college kegger, we'll have to see about that.

While it doesn't seem fair that these yahoos can wave around guns and pretend they are putting on a rebellion when unarmed people protest in urban areas and get hit with tear gas and rubber bullets and the like, frankly, I'm old enough to remember Ruby Ridge and Waco, and if these guys get promoted to glory courtesy the USG,  right-wing militia types will be martyrbating over it forever.


mikey said...

1.) Meh. Yes, you hand these lunatics a handful of martyrs and they'll probably get more kinetic, but this is a direct outgrowth to the Federal government ignoring multiple felonies, backing down and even returning the goddam cattle. At some point you need to just enforce the law so it serves as some kind of deterrent to those same lunatics. Unlike ISIS jihadis, they tend to have jobs and big flat screen teevees and tri tip on the bbq.

2.) Also, and I don't know enough about it at this point, the whole Hammond re-sentencing seems really weird and, frankly, unjust to me. These guys were tried, conviced, sentenced and they served their court-ordered sentence. Now a federal appeals court has concluded they need to serve five years more after the fact? I'd be pretty unhappy with that too...

Formerly Amherst said...

Greetings, Vixen. I agree with you and Mikey. The federal government is very bad when they violently intervene in places they do not belong.

The sheriff appears to be the wise one. He said the last thing they needed to do was to pour in with armed force and create a confrontation. He said that they had learned a lot about dealing with situations such as this one, and the thing to do now was just to let them sit it out for a while before deciding on some other action (probably sit it out and then start negotiations).

The sheriff comes from the same cultural milieu as the occupiers and probably has some sympathy for their grievances. This will make it easier for some kind of resolution to be developed with a certain amount of mutual trust.