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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Ever Set Him Off?

So, let me get this straight, a woman-beater and accused rapist with a history of antisocial activity shoots a bunch of people and now claims he saw atrocities and is a "warrior for babies"? Hm. Seems like a heap of murderin' cancels out his moral high road, but at least we understand what the problem with him is now.

The pro-life movement is anything but "pro-life". And it gave this fool the idea that he could combine his hatred of women's autonomy with his general enjoyment of the feeling of doing violent shit. And now he thinks that is a good reason to have been shooting people.

Was it something to do with watching lots of fetus snuff porn videos and people talking past the idea that pregnancy is a condition that adult people may not be able to reconcile with their actual fully-realized-human lives? Because when someone talks about 1st trimester fetuses as "babies", I always bite my lip the way you do when a toddler says "mines". No little guy, "mine" is never pluralized. And no, big fella, what's happening in someone else's uterus has nothing to do with you.

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