Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sweet Jesus I Hate Ted Cruz

I know: fear leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side. So let's call it "disdain". I've made a pact with myself not to turn this blog into "post one hateful thing about Ted Cruz every day". But I totally could! And with Cruz looking like real competition for Trump (although if Ted Cruz is the most conservative electable candidate in this field, I think the GOP has a problem), I may as well focus on him a little.

I think the thing I like least is the climate change denialism, of course. Here's a recent interview:

CRUZ: OK, you are incorrect, actually. The scientific evidence doesn't support global warming. For the last 18 years, the satellite data - we have satellites that monitor the atmosphere. The satellites that actually measure the temperature showed no significant warming whatsoever. 

INSKEEP: I'll just note that NASA analyzes that same data differently. But we can go on. 

CRUZ: But no, they don't. You can go and look at the data. And by the way, this hearing - we have a number of scientists who are testifying about the data. But here's the key point. Climate change is the perfect pseudoscientific theory for a big government politician who wants more power. Why? Because it is a theory that can never be disproven.
You bet NASA analyzes that data differently--they find there's no significant proof there was a hiatus at all.  The interview is a masterpiece of framing--the climate scientists are a cult, and only the skeptics are being honest. This is probably why he put a talk-radio guy on to testify to the Senate about climate change. It's staggeringly dishonest, but for Cruz, what else is new? This is a guy who will even repeat a lie about prayer.  He's the worst.


upyernoz said...

The fascinating thing about Cruz is how everyone hates him. Well, maybe not literally everyone. He does have a spouse. But it seems like every other person who has worked with him or went to school with him absolutely can't stand the guy. It's hard work to be just that unlikable! That's quite an achievement. I almost have to admire him for it.

Vixen Strangely said...

He also seems to have that obnoxious ability to view his being disliked as "proof" he's on to something--like he's proud of it!