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Monday, December 7, 2015

Justifying Bullshit with Nonsense

Back in 2008, we sort of had an economic fall that led people to see Barack Obama as an FDR-type of Democrat. I think in some ways, with equal if not worse opposition, he was certainly comparable. Nearing the end of his second term, we're seeing something else that should remind us of the 1930's, and how even here, racist fuckery has triumphed over our peculiar notions of this nation as being a a place to pursue dreams and a "melting pot".

Using the US' very dodgy decision to intern Japanese citizens during WW2, which we had never done with German citizens during WW1 or 2 or with Italian citizens or with Russians whilst Russia was on the Axis side, is explicitly racist. There is simply no other reason that Japanese citizens were treated differently. When the propaganda machine in the US to bolster the war effort got going, it was explicitly racist at times.

The San Bernardino Massacre was enacted by one person who was a natural-born citizen of the US and his foreign-born wife. Who is to say when and how they got radicalized? But they don't represent all or even most Muslims.

Frankly, when I see white, native-born Christian Americans toting guns outside of mosques, I think it's these guys who are all wrong and basically recruiting for Daesh. The idea that we have to reject Muslims, and basically regard a population of 1.6 billion people as enemies just on the basis of the murderous antics of a few, is a concept I have no interest in swallowing, let alone encouraging or voting for any stupid bigoted person who has any such monstrous ideas. Of course Muslims citizens are a part of our country. Of course the overwhelming majority of people looking to come here do so because they feel they will have a better life here, and not because they want to do anything violent. And I think a lot of Muslim immigrants feel like the guy who shouted "You're no Muslim, bruv," at the asshat who shivved a guy in the Underground in the UK.

Let's make no mistake, Daesh doesn't speak for the multitude of Muslims, and it's folly that plays into their propaganda to say they do. Trump's message is divisive and fuels the divide between Islamic people peacefully integrated into the Western society, and disaffected Muslim people who might be at risk of hearing Daesh propaganda, and being persuaded, because the right-wing in this country did half Daesh's job for them by making our country hostile to them and their faith.

Everything in that statement from a Trump supporter is fake and divisive BS. Muslims are human--they deserve to have their human rights respected. We shouldn't repeat the bad ideas of the past.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You got your nonsense in my bullshit!

You got your bullshit in my nonsense!

Two GOP tastes that go GREAT together!

On a slightly more serious note: Obama an FDR, really? Obama's New Deal was for the big banks.

And getting Fast Track for G.W. Bush's TPP (not to mention the TTIP and worst of all, TISA, both of which are creations of Obama's team of corporate lobbyists) is the opposite of what FDR did. Obama is a Wall Street Dem, through and through.

mikey said...

You'll notice that as my friend Thunder relentlessly bashes Obama, at the same time he doesn't take the position that President Mitt Romney would have been better for America, or worse for Wall Street. Since these were the only two candidates for President (I obviously don't actually know, but Thunder repeatedly promised to be one of the 469,628 Americans who voted for Jill Stein, representing 0.36% of the popular vote), you would think that SOME recognition of which was actually the LESSER of two evils would be forthcoming. Because honestly, why would someone choose the GREATER of two evils?

DMC said...

Actually its a little known fact that 10's of thousands of Italian Americans and German Americans WERE incarcerated during WW2. They all had political associations(like the Bund) in their backrounds, not merely their ethnicity, unlike the Japanese. America Fascists like the Silver Shirts wound up in the camps right next to them.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Maybe mikey should wonder a bit more about why the lesser of two evils isn't good enough, and just who it is that makes sure we can't have a better choice?