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Friday, November 20, 2015

Transgender Day of Remembrance

This year was marked with a high rate of violence against trans people, mostly transwomen of color. This is happening just as several communities are beginning to discuss transpersons' rights, acknowledging that these people exist, and not always understanding the issue that they are confronted with in trying to get that these people should be recognized for their stated, not biological gender identities. That these people are regularly lied about and face regular violence, to me, says they have more to be indignant about than the people who worry about what restroom they use.

Transpeople are discriminated against, have very specific health care needs, and are not actually going to "get over it" with faith-based remedies. This day is about knowing that education about real people living in actual communities needs to continue and that we need to step up and grasp that gender identity is not a strict binary but is expressed in different ways for different people.

And that situation does not actually hurt anyone at all. While enforcing a rigid code regarding gender ID definitely can.

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