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Monday, November 23, 2015

There's Something About the Trump Campaign

I found this item at Salon to be quite interesting:

Robert Kiger, the head of the Donald Trump-supporting SuperPAC Citizens for Restoring USA, told CNN’s Carol Costello on Monday that members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement “don’t really” have a right to protest at Donald Trump rallies for the same reason that “I wouldn’t go into a black church and start screaming “white lives matter!'”
The pair were speaking about the unfortunate incident at a Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama over the weekend in which a #BlackLivesMatter protester was set upon by attendees. The logic behind Kiger’s remark is as telling as it is repulsive — namely, that just as Donald Trump rallies are for white people and the #BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t welcome, black churches are for black people and those who would scream “white lives matter!” aren’t welcome.
Just a quick handful of thoughts:

If Trump rallies are only for white people, he's pretty much only expecting to get white voters. This is demographically not perhaps a great electoral strategy in this country.

Why in the hell would anyone feel the need to shout "White lives matter!" in a black church? I'm not sure that this point was ever in dispute.

Dylann Roof was not turned away from the church where he murdered several people; he actually thought they were so nice he almost didn't do it.

Weird how everybody made the same Indiana Jones reference on seeing this dude's face, right?

Is there someone sitting on a powderkeg of Trump oppo getting ready to uncork it? (I'm not counting Liz Mair, but I'm also not discounting her efforts). Because while "giving a jerk enough rope" is well and good, I sort of want to see it decisively deployed sooner rather than later, because Trump basically is inciting violence. And his ego will not let him stop.

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