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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Keystone Pipeline Has Been Rejected

When TransCanada requested a suspension of the XL pipeline application, I think they forced the White House to go ahead and reject that sonovagun, to environmentalist acclaim.

For some reason, even though this never would have produced many jobs (probably about 35, about the same as a Denny's) or even appreciably affected prices at the gas pump and even though pipelines can be a mess and why in the hell should helping Canada sell their tar sands oil to China be our problem?

Maybe this tiresome anti-environmental GOP fetish is totally dead, now. I dunno. Just, tiny little note to people who think Obama caved to "special interests" in rejecting the pipeline bid--people who care about the planet that they live on are not a "special interest". Oil companies are. If you think people who care about who care about the planet on which they live have a special interest, and don't get that oil companies' interests in getting their way over sooooo much protest is "special", then I am tempted to believe you don't think that much about regular folks, who are interested in clean air, water, and having a livable climate, and believe corps are the only people whose "interests" are important to you.

 And also you probably suck.  Because you, too, need clean air and water and a livable planet, as do your loved ones. But for some reason, you think caring for the planet is "special"--not "essential".

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