Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, November 27, 2015

Hey Everybody--Don't Do Black Friday.

There's a commercial issue we still need to look at in this country regarding how "occasions" are used to sell us into participating in cheap consumerism, where we select times when we opt-out of participation in real life to sit outside of stores about to open for supposedly plush sales. Those sales are never all that. I submit that participating in them is a little weird--you are being conditioned to shop when the man says on the basis of sales that might not even represent true value.

All things considered, there is still sense in encouraging a "not one dime" day. I never understood why Thanksgiving needed to elide onto Xmas so seamlessly. But I completely understand why not investing in consumerism during an otherwise sacred holiday makes total sense. One shops to live, one does not live to shop.

I'm going to work, and don't plan on spending one dime. Unless I buy bagels for my crew. Or something holiday-ish like that.

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StringOnAStick said...

Agreed. My husband and I have never acquiesced to Valentine's day, anniversaries, and the most that happens on our birthdays is I make a cake. Christmas fell off the list years ago as far as obligatory buying goes. If we want to give each other something, we do it because the urge struck us, not because the US consumer monster said we had to.