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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Have You Been Thinking About Ted Cruz?

Because fresh off of appearing at that weird little old Kevin Swanson thing,  Ted Cruz held another signifying event at Bob Jones University, and I want to just get this straight:

Ted Cruz will not ever happen in the general election.


Not just because of some racist shit he's been on about.  Or the anti-LGBT stuff he's been on about. Or the misogyny.

Not any one of those. But the whole gestalt of all of those hateful things. He's called Harvard a hotbed of communism. They graduate a number of conservatives (like Tom Cotton)for a communist hotbed.

He's definitely smart enough to know better than positions he's actually taken, but he does not believe in human rights. He does not believe in women's rights, gay rights, he does not think most immigrants have rights.

When I think about Ted Cruz, I kind of feel like really smart people can go terribly wrong, and then just aren't in the right mental space to acknowledge it. But if I were wrong, as a reasonably smart person, I'd totally want to get right at my soonest opportunity. I don't think he cares. He'd rather be president than be right. That's why he shouldn't be president.

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