Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Don't Make This Great

So, I was pretty terse regarding the news in my last post, because I didn't even have words. (An earlier post in the way-past my bedtime zone was deleted as I mistakenly thought the BLM protest that was shot up was one of the many memorializing the death of Tamir Rice. I deleted it. The error is embarrassing and I'm totally admitting it.) The shocking thing is that the shooting of five demonstrators regarding another police shooting, of Jamar Clark, occurred on the eve of the charging of a police officer with the first degree murder of Laquan McDonald.

It took over four hundred days to charge an officer with the slaying of a 17-year old kid who had a three-inch knife who showed up and in 30 seconds put 16 bullets in a human being, and who was only stopped when he paused to reload, when that boy was as dead as dead can be.

This is not the America I cherish. This is something I am watching wondering how many terrible and shocking things occurred before we were even paying proper attention.

So when I see the kind of news that makes protesters in Irving, TX pace around armed outside a mosque, because of something that was in the news, or some damn idiot leaves a fake bomb outside a mosque in VA--I understand that words mean things, and there are stupidly ambitious people out there using words (and fake statistics)  in stupidly dangerous ways. Racism is our original sin, and xenophobia and religious bigotry are not terribly more creative.

This isn't "greatness". And this country can't be made great through these kinds of thuggish actions. And people who spread the kind of manure that let these violence-flowers blossom? Are just shit.

I am saying some of the 2016 GOP contenders are just shit. If you can't care about how divisive you are, if you don't care who gets hurt--you are simply shit. And not any other quality you may have saves you. You are simply shit. If you use the widows and orphans of 9/11 to calumny against the widows and orphans of Syria--you are just shit.  If you want to call all immigrants potential rapists, thieves and terrorists--you are simply shit.  If you wanted to possibly shut down the government over Planned Parenthood, but now think refugees, even though they are so seriously vetted it's like, two years before anyone makes the application process which you are too dumb and lazy to look up, is so much better fodder to shut down the government over--you are the kind of shit that takes several flushes but eventually will go down because no one wants to look at you.

And maybe I'm mad enough that I'm vulgar and nasty--but if you think what I'm saying is vulgar and nasty, and then look at the fallen bodies of real people who did not need to die and forgive all that? I can't even respect your opinion. Sometimes vulgar and nasty is the way to respond to racist and fascist. It's what I've got.