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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Climate Sunday: Ted Cruz, Climate Blasphemer Edition

Via Right Wing Watch, here's a clip of Ted Cruz (I'm sorry I'm on his case as of late) explaining that climate change alarmists are actually in a religion because they "never" argue from facts, and that being called a denialist proves it, because he thinks he's really a "skeptic". Bless his heart.

He's precious. I think it's kind of weird to hear a flat-out statement that people persuaded by climate change theory don't have facts, because it seems to me like I'm stuffing all sorts of observable data into my Climate Sunday posts. I think it's also adorable that he defines the business of a skeptic as being the business of science, which in effect is correct--but he isn't a skeptic, because he himself isn't engaging with the business of disproving squat, he's just ignoring whatever evidence does exist while providing disproved anecdata about an 18 year gap which is cherry-picked nonsense. That there isn't scientific--that's just political Lysenkoism.

In keeping with his idea that being a climate change evangelist makes me a religious adherent, then, I dub Cruz a climate blasphemer. The spit should dry up in his mouth like the Texas drought, and then the sweat should pour from his face like the Texas floods. This is my malocchio against him.

But turning back to my Sabbat on the green--let's get on with the observable data. For one thing, South Africa has just registered its highest temperatures in October--119 degrees F High temperatures are a prophecy my religion has been on about. For example, we have speculated that areas of the Middle East may reach temperatures so regularly hot that one might not be able to survive outside but for mere hours. The world is now set to use more energy for cooling than for heating.

There's scads of ways in which we are observing the effects of climate change, and ways in which these effects are contributing to continued climate change. Our landscape is changing. Greenland is melting. Melting permafrost is unleashing additional methane.  (This is happening off the coast of Washington.)

So what does this mean for us--stronger storms, hitherto considered improbable, like a rain-bearing Tropical Cyclone dumping rains on areas that don't see so much rain, like Chapala which will soon hit Yemen. Some areas, becoming uninhabitable, will cause increased migration to more temperate shores. But consider this--some effects of global warming may impact humans as a species directly. There may also be long-term effects as there have been in the past.

We see massive king tides. We are seeing uncontrollable fires that are also contributing to climate change.  Species are also migrating in response to the changes.

These are just threads of what's happening culled from the news--and Cruz is seeing and understanding none of it. Take his words about skepticism, and shove them forever. He's a denialist, and in no way prepared to be president if he can't synch up with this emerging reality.

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