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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ben Carson's Pyramid Scheme

He's so amazing--the idea that the pyramids are granaries is basically a medieval concept. The Pyramids are not hollow. You could not store much grain in there at all.

 Also, as to his supposed "Marine Todd" moment with a physicist and the idea that the Big Bang theory isn't compatible with the first law of thermodynamics--sometimes, when a person does not answer you it's because they have decided you are a crazy person or they think you would not understand the answer. Okay--he doesn't get the Heisenberg Theorem. But the point you need to know is--if something blew up in the Big Bang, something had to exist. The organization of the matter that was thrown out by the BB followed along the lines of other laws of thermodynamics. The matter was only transformed by an event--which Einstein already told us could happen.

I'm more of a life sciences gal, but really, this is not good understanding of physics at all. But it's also pretty bad history, sloppy Bible study, and not exactly unlike his understanding of things like the economy or foreign policy. He is Head Professor of Made-up Shit at the Dunning Kruger Institute of Things Anally Extracted. He is a Norwegian Blue pining for the fjords.

This man has no pants.

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