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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wayne Simmons: He is That Guy

Or maybe he is not that guy.

The funny thing is that just as the House Select Committee on Benghazi's credibility is cratering, one of the terrorism analysts that FOX Mushroom Farm used to call for further investigation, Wayne Simmons, has been determined to be a fraud, who is not only making up his level of expertise, but using it to further a political agenda.

Take note, Wayne Simmons and the Citizens Commission on Benghazi is basically the equivalent of a Facebook conspiracy theory fanpage hosted by, which based on the linked posts, is really all about Hillary Clinton. Wow.

You know, it doesn't matter to me so much whether this guy was a paid analyst for FOX News or was put on the camera just for free because they felt like it--they wanted his product. His credentials were besides the point. They promoted any bullshit thing that came out of his lying mouth because they liked it.

Who vets experts or checks facts? That would be so very close to journalism. Since when was that FOX News' job?

But more here. (Apparently, they haven't decided if this video is private or what--the embed may go down.)

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