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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked

It turns out, a House aide working on the Benghazi Committee was possibly terminated for reasons having to with them, um, actually having a clueless partisan witch-hunt instead of actually being all about what happened there. The staffer, Major Bradley Poliska, an Air Force reservist intelligence officer, became concerned that once the Clinton email server issue was revealed, the Committee's attention abruptly committed its focus to State Department minutia. As if specifically on a "Get Clinton" track. The Committee gave grounds for his dismissal, but he alleges they were about his unwillingness to engage in a partisan witch hunt and his extended reservist orders.

Frankly, I would be astounded if congress was unaware that employees can not be dismissed on the basis of their reservist obligations. In my private sector time in retail, we had a few reservist employees, and their duties were never a question regarding their rotation--we just temporarily relied on other staff. It's hard for me to figure that the House was weird about this, but they are so weird about other stuff so maybe they don't get how military reserves work. I'd be really surprised, but wow. This Congress is so generally screwed up in other ways...

Anyway, what he describes as a shift in the focus of the Benghazi hearings pretty much conforms to what the news from them in various media shows--it stopped being about what happened in Benghazi, and suddenly became all about the Clinton server. No one died because Hillary Clinton's emails were delivered to a specific server. We can question things like whether embassies are properly staffed with respects to security, and one House mahoff absolutely was fine with cutting embassy security.  But we can't fool ourselves that this committee was totally honest in what it did.

Louise Slaughter and Alan Grayson, both Dems, have tried to disrupt this partisan nonsense. I hope this partisan bullshit is made so infamous nobody tries it again.


mikey said...

It's an interesting point. The right wing radicals in the US government are so extreme they are incapable of winning. They can't stop, they can't accept an incremental win, they can't do the political equivalent of taking territory and then negotiating a settlement that lets them keep it. They are so focused on scorching and salting the earth that even major wins look like failure to them. You really saw this a few years ago when they flatly refused to consider a budget that cut ten dollars for every dollar of tax increase. And now you see it with the Benghazi committee. They really did move the polling numbers on the Clinton campaign. They really did - with the support of a media that has always been Clinton-hostile - increase distrust of Hillary Clinton in the American electorate.

But instead of recognized they had squeezed a pretty serious amount of blood out of that rock, they kept squeezing, even as it became increasingly obvious that there was nothing left to be gained. And finally, it became impossible for anybody not named Fox News to pretend it was about anything other than the Clinton Campaign. And that campaign has a chance to use that outcome to reverse much of the setbacks the committee created.

I've seen it before, here and there, in my career and in the world. If your only definition of victory is to leave your enemy's capital in smoking rubble, you will often fail to recognize real victories, and you will ultimately fail utterly...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Fresh face my ass:

'People have seen me fighting everything from Fast and Furious to the IRS on Planned Parenthood to a host of things, Benghazi and others. I've earned that reputation over 6.5 years. I have worked closely with my Democratic allies. Elijah Cummings is a good friend. We have done over I think 200 letters now to the administration. So I do things a little bit differently.'

Every single "scandal" mentioned is trumped-up bullshit based on distortions and sometimes outright lies.