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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Voter Suppression Tactics in Alabama

The state of Alabama made an interesting choice regarding the DMV centers where many citizens went to obtain the kind of state-issued picture ID necessary for voting--they closed those offices in 31 locations, all in majority-African-American counties. It was like they made a decision to explicitly make it harder for poor and minority voters to obtain access to the ballot, and then went out of their way to delegitimize the access of even legitimately-registered voters solely on the basis of their minority/income status.

How very fucking poll-tax and Jim Crow of them! It's like SCOTUS Justice John Roberts was totally wrong when he eviscerated the Voter Rights Act insisting that racism was a thing of yesteryear. It's exactly like discrimination in voting on the basis of race is a thing that still exists. It's like modern politicians still espouse discriminatory tactics in determining who has access to the ballot. It's like there is some idea that only acceptable Americans are supposed to be allowed to vote in this country.

There is precious little ID fraud in voting; there is a potential lot of election fraud in that people are being denied their franchise and because partisans can control the voting machinery. This is exactly what the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was supposed to be about.

This needs to not become a trend. Alabama--does your conscience bother you?

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