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Friday, October 23, 2015

The War on Women is Still a Thing--2015

Technically, we knew the House Select Committee on Planned Parenthood was going to happen for a bit, and that it would be headed by a skirt, Rep. Marsha Blackburn,  an anti-choice Republican who is entirely retrograde. (The GOP panel is exactly 8 people, four male, four female. Equalitude!) What could possibly be wrong with siding with the people supporting those videos, eh?  The first grilling of Cecile Richards went so well, that, in conjunction with the obvious ripping success of the Benghazi Select Committee hearing with Hillary Clinton, they absolutely had to try it. Why not make trying to end a low-cost medical care provider funding or status just because of derp?

Really, why not encourage domestic terrorism in the form of arson against medical establishments? Who do these politicians believe that kind of activity even hurts? Because rashes of PP arson is now a thing. And I know the GOP in Congress don't care about anything but the politics--

Also Texas doesn't care. They went from simply defunding Planned Parenthood, to raiding locations to get at confidential medical information. What in the hell are they fixing to do with it? Do they mean to target women who donated their fetal tissue to science for some investigation? How will they use these people's identities? How with they misappropriate their experiences? How will these once-pregnant people be exploited?

What if they go through so many files, and discover that regular people are just trying to live their day-to-day lives, sometimes making choices affecting their bodies, which they need to do their work or otherwise interact with the world, and knew that their immediate world was not set up for them to be pregnant in? What if they realize that pregnant people have rights and can make choices--even if they differ from the choices someone else might make?

I don't think these trials are starting out open-minded enough for all people to reach these conclusions, but I need to point out these conclusions exist.

There are reasons this kind of thing is anonymous for patients. Seeking care for one's body shouldn't leave a person politically exposed. Texas GOP are apparently the worst. The worst.

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