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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Ravings of a Brain Surgeon

I have been leaving Dr. Ben Carson alone, because being a brain surgeon is a thing one can respect. And being sort of a self-betraying whackaloon is a thing I can respect--I always figured that the things coming out of Ben Carson's mouth would ultimately be so self-damning that any supporter would just nervously back away.

But this latest bit of unreason where Ben Carson asserts that he "would not just stand there" in the event of a shooting event is disturbing. His alternative isn't to run or duck, but to charge and urge others to charge the shooter. Even though bullets hurt and also kill, because they were designed to.  But it was like, a thing people should do--just charge a shooter and get their arses shot off. To defend the shooter's right to have the gun he's shooting them with.

Well then! I already addressed this one, a couple years back, regarding the very bloody stupid column of Megan McArdle that little children should be even taught to charge shooters.

...But a libertarian might well be seeing a civic action composed of individuals fully willing to lay down their lives for the rights of the gunman to possess the weapon with which he killed them. And isn't individual rights what it's really all about? Those mangled, bloodied bodies, perhaps of schoolchildren, would really mean something if they died for a right like the right of people to pay for a thing that could only be used to smash the fuck out of bodies and then, you know, kind of have and use that thing sometimes.  Because seriously, even if you're only six years old, and still believe in Santa Claus, and sometimes want a nightlight just in case--shouldn't you die with a sense of purpose, as you might have rushing towards a gunman with the hopeless aim of stopping his killing spree in mind?
But you should also know that the eminent brain surgeon also believes that he has never seen bullet holes that were worse than tyranny.

God fucking damn, does this stark-raving idiot not realize that tyranny often starts at the point of a gun, and that any motherfucker with an UZI  or AK-47 can boss others about in sheer fear of their lives, or create a bloody pile trying? That the freedom of speech and the voting franchise are our natural first line in the defense against tyrants, and if we need bullets to defend our very homes against the Feds, it's too late? Does he think a gun would save a family if the DEA was bearing down on them? Or would it only prove the justification for a SWAT team and more deadly force?

He's nonsense, really. He's composed entirely of nonsense.

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