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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rowan County Schadenfreude

It appears that the Westboro Baptist Church, last seen picketing the US Weather Service for thinking they know better than God what makes weather (hint: it's queers), have a brand new target:

Kim Davis, because she is "lukewarm".

On one hand, I think it is a damn shame for anyone to be judged for their personal decisions and told that those very things that made their life what it is are in fact, sinful and cut them off from the love of God, and make it so they can not reconcile their lives with a healthy spiritual relationship. On the other hand, if Kim Davis ever wanted to know what queer couples felt like being spurned by a self-righteous ass in their attempt to just live their lives, welp. Welcome to this very valuable experience. Please try to understand they are only exercising their deeply held religious beliefs.

And that the First Amendment guarantees them this very thing.

Nota bene: they are not picketing people who complied with issuing same sex marriage licenses at once, because there are too many of those folks. They are picketing the most publicized person to ultimately agree to allowing same-sex marriage licenses to come out of her office because she rejected them at first. The only thing that singled her out was the suggestion that she was almost going to take this fight all the way.  I'm not telling you the moral of the story, because I trust you are grown and will get it for yourself.

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