Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reading Tea Leaves

There's a certain element that would rather an awful lot before they would see a Speaker Paul Ryan. They see the former VP candidate and Budget Wizard as establishment now. He was once hailed for the austerity of his budgets, but now he's being semi-pilloried because of the vague idea he might think government should work. That's his heresy. He might just try to have a functional government that pays its just debts and doesn't default.

There is the reason why Congress is ill-favored in various polls. I have no love for Paul Ryan, but he wants to do a difficult job the teafolk don't even think is worth doing. And by the way, screw teafolk.

I'd really like it if McConnell and Boehner just say "screw it" and introduce a pretty anodyne budget bill covering the next two years, but they are still so owned there would likely be unacceptable fuckery no Democrat would accept. Could they get together on a clean bill? Shit, Boehner, isn't that what you are resigning for?

I'd like to think a clean bill is in our future--but they better make it fast. Debt ceiling comes up soon.

(Or it will be just fine and I won't even have to write about this crap for another two years.)


mikey said...

Boehner and Pelosi can pull this off. He should be able to use procedural tools to keep the fuckery at a manageable level. The thing that worries me is Obama. He's going to get his Sequester offsets for both Domestic and Defense budgets, but he's going to have to find eighty billion to cut. Fifty in '16 and thirty more in 17. We'll see...

Vixen Strangely said...

Pelosi has a disciplined party (wow, remember when people marveled over GOP party discipline? now it's like GOP party bondage and sadism) but last I checked, the GOP can't count and could screw up a pillow-fight at a brothel. There's some pundits that are saying movement on the budget deal is moving too fast for the Freedom Caucus to screw with it, but the thing with a hivemind is, there's less to organize. They've already tried to lean on Ryan, who made necessary brave noises against the process because he thinks those fuckers will like him if he does. Their brains aren't proportional but they do have eyes.

Once he's in charge of this lot, he's gonna age like the Portrait of Dorian Grey. If Boehner doesn't screw this up, any of the other bullshit over the years will just fade in my mind. Glowing sienna memories of the fun-filled Boehner years for me. We'll catch up with how Ryan is doing as Minority leader in '17. (I know. I'm kidding. Maybe.)