Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Legitimate Health Care

So, what in the everloving heck is "legitimate health care"?

Is this something like Jeb Bush's denial that Planned Parenthood offers any real healthcare services? Or maybe it is more like Internet troll Mike Huckabee's assertion that conflates Planned Parenthood with Benghazi in a circle-jerk of suck.

You know what? Pap smears and STD tests and pregnancy tests and prenatal care and even abortion are all legitimate medical services. They are all just as legitimate as the day is long. Unless they were giving out sugar pills and condoms with holes in and making up stuff as they went along--you know that latter part is how GOP politicians do--these services are legitimate. Doing medicine. Regarding the bodily health of real people who live on this planet. Planned Parenthood is about medical health--real doctors and real services to real people--and not just a dumbass political football.

Are they just teasing a try at reclaiming Akin's "legitimate rape"?

This War on Women is real.

This is helllaciously stupid, people.

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