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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jeb is Most Certainly Not the Smarter Bush

Sometimes I wonder if Jeb Bush is going to drop a political memoir, called Bush v. Gore 2000: How I Did It.  That the access to the ballot and the delegitimization of valid voters was not only soundly screwed with by Florida Governor Bush on behalf of his brother and mostly along racial lines was a well-discussed topic for years. He opposes reinstatement of the VRA as is, echoing the notion forwarded by Chief Justice John Roberts (a GWB appointee) that the racism of the deep south is a thing of the past.

The state of Alabama is on line one, Governor Bush--would you like to pick up or hide under a desk or what? Lots of things are being tried right this minute to make voter suppression happen. Basically, Jeb is claiming that his brother as president did too much to protect voting rights.

Which is nonsense, because his brother did as much as anyone could to poison the well of voting rights in this country.

But as I always say, the main proof that Jeb is not the smarter Bush is that he let Dubya go first.

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