Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, October 23, 2015

Jeb: Dead Candidate Walking?

First, we were hearing that the Jeb! campaign was making cutbacks to staff and payroll, then we heard he was meeting with donors and his family. Some could say it's a little early for the pre-post mortems, but, as I've been saying, even if he had the money to hang in there, he's kind of an awful candidate and it might be a good idea of he just didn't hang in there. The US News pre-post mortem I linked to has a beautiful line in it--"he can't ad-lib a fart". Of the cuff, Jeb! is kind of a clod. The sad thing is, with preparation, he's just not much better.

When the family gathers round him to square with the facts, I have the feeling his mom and dad might just tell him that his campaign is going off to live on a farm in the country, where it will have plenty of room to run around, and Jeb won't see it anymore--but won't the campaign be so much happier? And maybe Jeb! will understand.

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