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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton Seizes the Day

Here's the deal--a lot of us folks who were pretty politically concerned back in the 1990's remember the Whitewater nonsense. The Hunting of the President and the full court press to take down the Clintons--both of them, was a very real and concerted effort, and the stupid media hacks who liked having stories spoon-fed to them by "high-level insiders" and "anonymous sources" was a very real thing. Hillary Clinton was a target of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy then, because she was deeply involved in the attempt to pass a universal health care bill. A fuckton of money went into discouraging universal health care--there were these obnoxious ads: The Harry and Louise ads, that basically said: Health care is complicated, and you damn dumb folks wouldn't understand the Hillary Clinton plan if you lived to be a hundred and there would probably be some kind of changes, so you should be against it.

They didn't just have to kill Hillarycare, they had to hit her with dark speculations about the suicide of Vince Foster and the go-nowhere Whitewater thing. It was prolonged and tedious and seedy and ultimately, they found out that Bill Clinton was kind of a womanizer. Wow. We knew that before he got elected in 1992.

Seeing that then, there was no doubt about what the Benghazi hearings were about now. They can go all bloody shirt "What about the families of the four dead Americans?" but after three years, the likelihood that Libyan terrorists did it and there wasn't any kind of advance warning nor a lot of room for the various agencies to coordinate a timely response to do anything, simply remains. Unfortunate. But there it is. If they want to pimp these deaths any further, they might as well just slap what ever questions haven't been asked and answered on a brief list and wrap it up.

It's three years. And they will do this over the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, whether it's a real thing or not, unless they get their hands caught in a bear trap. But frankly, this would happen whether it was Hillary Clinton or anyone else. Obama's birth certificate, his school records, the Fast and Furious stuff, and so on. It could be any Democratic candidate, no lie. Congressional Republicans think using the House as their oppo research and for-free attack ad generator and fund-raiser is neat and cool and the best thing since the day they were born. Show hearings, like defunding ACORN and almost-repealing Obamacare, has become part of the opiate arsenal they use on the goofballs who vote for them.

Bring on the bear traps, Mrs. Clinton. They are going to do this stuff to Planned Parenthood too, because they just get away with it. And unless this tactic is discredited as the taxpayer--money-wasting, unethical trash it is, they are going to try it endlessly. They need to keep out of a possible Madame President's underwear drawer. and for what it's worth, regarding Planned Parenthood, they should put their damn vaginal probes away, too.

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