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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This is a thing in 2015


A teacher trained a kid to use his right hand because left-handers are "evil". This isn't really Biblically-supported, but I wonder if she would say teaching this way is her deeply-felt religious rights? I'm left-handed myself. I'm not evil--erasable ink is.


igd said...

It's Oklahoma! Utterly retrogade is how they roll.

Monkeyfister said...

I am also left-handed. I grew up in Catholic schools. Always wrapped on the left hand knuckles while writing. Forced to write with my right hand. Always marked down for penmanship after obeying, and writing with my off-hand. Sent for discipline for disobeying. At 47, my knuckles are huge, and arthritic. Glad I'm done with Catholicism, and religion on the whole. Glad I don't have children to have to school here, in Armpit, TN.

janet said...

My left-handed mother went to Catholic School in the 30's. The nuns tied her left hand behind her and made her write with her right hand. She was right-handed by the time I knew her. The excuse given then was that they thought it would strain her heart. Sounds like BS. I bet their thinking was a lot like this teachers'.

Paul Coppock said...

The article that got sent home to the kid's parent (from "When will I know which hand she will use") is not religious nut-bag stuff. It's a straightforward information piece about the development of right-left dominance in young children, containing a short paragraph about (not endorsing) the history of whacko prejudices against lefties.

What's amazing is that a teacher would take this article as justification for trying to force a child to work right-handed. I can't even imagine what the inside of this woman's head must be like. I thought this kind of bigotry disappeared a hundred years ago.