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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The "Nigerian Prince Who Really Needs Your Help" of Journalism

Call it a kind of schadenfreude if you must, but there's something kind of delightful to the liberal blogger running this D-List political opinion outfit to know that at last, maybe, people who do journalism for a living aren't taking James O'Keefe III seriously anymore. As a result, the pretend-pimp who once brought down ACORN, brought to you by Big Dead Breitbart, has to aim a little lower sometimes.  And when he aims high, a swing and a miss is good enough to qualify for the Big Leagues where he's concerned. But as for anyone else?

So, if one of his hybrid source/journalists (what even is that--a journalource? a sojournalist?) runs into a rando Canadian and films a Hillary Clinton campaign person politely saying that no, a foreign person can't contribute to the campaign, and then that American journamalource puts some kind of money down, and no, GODDAMN IT, we actually don't have a Canadian somehow even contributing chump change to Team Hillary; I don't know what's for sale here. Is Hillary Clinton now supposed to intercede in foreign affairs to benefit Canadian maple syrup over the Vermont kind? Should I see this as a great reason to throw my support to Sanders? Is this just some kind of gray area of campaign finance that an enterprising liberal journalist should try to dog the GOP candidates with? In a world where major newspapers are misrepresenting how classified electronic transmissions work--isn't this terribly small ball?

Hillary Clinton has been swatting bigger bugs than this since Jimmy O'Keefe was wearing rubber pants. I guess this display was to get Veritas some kind of contributions to actually come across with real serious journalistic stuff eventually (self-promote or die), but son--there are professionals already all over this particular scenery. Go on home before you're sent home.

(Yeah--as to the title. I thought it fit.)

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