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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Songs are Sung to Kim Davis in Wingnut Valhalla

She was deliver'd from her prison on account of, I think, Judge Bunning not wanting more spectacle than two presidential primary candidates might allow. As it was, Ted Cruz's presence was in part elbowed out by Huckabee staffer(s).

I could care less. What I really actually love about this, is that after Kim Davis was told she was let out of jail on the condition of not interfering with marriage licenses for same-sex couples, Mike Huckabee boldly suggested he might be willing to go to jail in her place. Sen. Lindsey Graham was asked about that and said "We'll miss Mike." I can't find a solid link for this attribution but I kind of hope he said it. Somebody had to.

Anyhow, this confluence of Davismania resulted in this picture:

Kim's old boy has a best wife-out-of-jail overall and a being-in-the-middling-big-city straw hat. I don't know if I'm just too much a NE espresso-sipping coastal out of touch liberal to recognize that's just folks outside my lane, or if we's bein' had (me being redneck by proxy at least on my mother's side). And that get-up is too country. Seems like meeting a presidential candidate or two at least merits one's church clothes, even the funeral/wedding/baptism ones.

But she's likely off again to the pokey because she needs to meddle.

We've no word on when Huckabee starts serving her sentence.

Also, Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" was played as she came out, and they never did approve that.

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