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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mike Huckabee is Running for President

I don't know if Mike Huckabee is, in the course of his running for president thing, ever thinking about giving up his social media platforms, like the Facebook page where he supported Josh Duggar, but I am going to suggest that he is definitely not the 2016 winner of how to be a classy person (classy being the new, Trump standard). Indicating his belief that itty bitty baby body parts are being sold like the brake pads of a Buick (a fine, American-made automobile) is a whole dimension of tacky we seldom see in the real world.

He's being special on purpose.

The itty bitty baby body parts of the very small fetuses that are donated by their mamas to be used in research for the eventual cures of things like cancer, Alzheimer's', Parkinson's, and that sort of disease, are a little different from the way auto parts are sold, aren't they? It isn't like anyone ever said, "I done blew out the kidneys on this fetus of mine, so I would like some aftermarket fetus kidneys--and I'll install them myself, nevermind the labor" at some Planned Parenthood counter.

That would be how brake pads are sometimes sold. In state-by-state investigations, Planned Parenthood is being basically absolved of any idea that they are selling itty bitty baby body parts  because they actually can lawfully provide donations of fetal tissue to scientific researchers at the cost of procurement and handling--procurement being reliant upon the clearance of the supplier of the donor tissue--a pregnant person.

Mike Huckabee's lack of presidential timber is being exposed all the time. He regularly grosses me out with his ignorance and sensationalism of same.

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in case you need to catch up on Kevin Dujan. He and Megan are harrasing a local library board.