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Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

The US House of Representatives recently decided that the US could do without taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood, even though the people who decided this seemed kind of muddy on what PP actually does.

See, when PP support was denied in Indiana, it sparked an increase in venereal disease. When Planned Parenthood was defunded in Texas, women's healthcare suffered. In Louisiana, the loss of a center where people with VD's could be non-judgmentally treated is a thing of the recent past. The work of Planned Parenthood has been disregarded for purely ideological reasons, but the reality is that the practical use of Planned Parenthood services was unfairly undervalued. 

What they do, in nonjudgmentally servicing people who need assistance, amounts to assuring that those people go about their business with decent treatment, with attention paid to their fertility, susceptibility to VD, etc, without their daily lives jeopardized. Planned Parenthood supporters recognize that women who seek PP services, even abortion services, have valid reasons for doing so.

No good comes from denying that people need to treat reproduction as a part of their health care needs, The US House has done so--but they seem vastly misinformed. They don't seem to know that reproductive health care is just human health care. Their lack of realization about this is very disturbing.

*Just as an addendum, I don't have much to say about the videos that triggered this attempt to defund PP--because Congress would have voted to defund anyway. State investigations of Planned Parenthood have resulted in the organization being cleared of wrongdoing, no matter how much certain individuals, like FL Governor Rick Scott, prefer not to admit that. Keep in mind, if the organization that made the videos doesn't seem to have blown the whistle on the serious wrongdoing they purport to have seen, given that they sat on these videos for a year (or two?)--if they saw something seriously illegal there, don't you think somebody would have rained hell on them? If they say someone actually sliced open a breathing baby, as Carly Fiorina thinks she saw, someone would be in jail, just like Kermit Gosnell is. The anti-abortion side simply despises Planned Parenthood because abortion, which is legal, occurs at any of their locations. But as everyone should by now know, no Federal funds pay for those services.

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