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Friday, August 7, 2015

Sen. Chuck Schumer Opposes the Iran Deal

Sen. Chuck Schumer has come out against the Iran deal. I think the Iran deal is the best deal we could ever get. I like Chuck Schumer a little less for not seeing things the same as I do. He might have a reason for it, but I still think he's all wrong on this one. I don't see how a plan for reduction in nuclear strength with regular inspections, results in anything like a stronger hand for Iran. I think that idea is paranoid. I think Iran might be reasonably persuaded by the obviously superior nuclear strength of the US and the not obvious but implied nuclear capability of Israel that any thought of an arms race is already failed. We literally don't have much to kick about in re: the Persian Bomb. War is a failure to communicate. Diplomacy is a form of successful communication. Why would Sen. Schumer hate success?

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mikey said...

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but Schumer knows all of what you said is true. He further knows that war with Iran would be catastrophic, and he further has access to secret intelligence that proves Iran does not even have a nuclear weapons development program. He knows, as we all do, that Iran has a right to develop the fuel cycle as a signatory to the NPT, and the US and the UN have NO legal basis for restricting that right. He knows that every nation has a right to develop ballistic missiles - it's called a 'Space Program'. And, of course, he knows that if Iran truly wanted nuclear weapons, they would have had them by 2000 - 2005 at the latest. It's a well understood 70 year old technology that even backward, impoverished North Korea managed to build out.

Then why, in light of all these obvious facts, would a Democratic Senator oppose his party's President? Why, politics, of course. Schumer is Jewish, and he would come under attack from the Israel lobby if he didn't. It's a base, calculated political position to undermine American policy in order to support another nation's policy. It's crass, bordering on obscene.

If I didn't expect it from him all along, I would have to say I'd lost a great deal of respect for the Senator. But that would be respect I never had - he's a pandering, influence peddling, often anti-American bucket of slime, selling out his nation and his constituents out of nothing but raw personal ambition...