Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, August 17, 2015

He's a Rhodes Scholar!

The illegal immigrants don't get birthright citizenship. Kids born here do. If they are born here, they aren't immigrants, because they did not come from somewhere else. Sure, you can say "But, we know what he meant."

Yeah. I know what he meant. My husband's parents were documented legal residents, but not citizens, but my spouse is a citizen. And Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump, and Scott Walker aren't probably talking about him, anyway, because his parents were coming from a European country (although there are some Birthers who actually have an issue with Sen. Santorum's immigrant father, so who even knows?)

I think we can understand what these candidates are saying very well. Every now and again, people say gays, liberals and atheists should be deported, too. If any of those ideas got a bandwagon going, I almost think you could count on Gov. Jindal to hop on so hard his ankles would hurt.


Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, you would feel differently if you lived in a border state.

Latinos are actually divided on this issue. The media would like you to believe that Latinos all have a desire for an open border with Mexico. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Our current lack of immigration enforcement drives labor costs down. A job that could be acquired by a legal American resident for $15 an hour will be done by an illegal for $3 or $4 an hour. This creates a huge gap in blue collar employment for legal Latino residents in the US. I believe I mentioned that every time our friend Rita's son shows up for some labor job there are already dozens of illegals ready to work much cheaper.

It is no wonder that many Latinos want to stop illegal immigration.

The level of crime from narco-trafficking has already begun to corrupt politicians and political systems in border states. There are national parks in Arizona that discourage tourism because narco-traffickers have set up military beachheads in those parks for reconnaissance. The Zetas, for example, were actually Mexican special forces trained by the United States military; Mexican Green Berets, if you will. The Sinaloa cartel (recently you have heard reports about Shorty Guzman) hired the Zetas to be their military wing. The Zetas then separated from the Sinaloa cartel and set up their own brutal and violent narcotics operation. The things they do to other human beings are as bad as anything you hear about ISIS doing.

Of course, there is a problem with anchor babies. And the G&L Alicia and I have actually helped some Latinos who were raised in the US to obtain permanent status.

The biggest culprits enjoying cheap labor are the members of the Chamber of Commerce. They push Democrat and Republican politicians to maintain the status quo so that they can put huge profits in their pockets as they shut out minority labor accustomed to working for equitable rates. Really, the people normally thought of as Republicans are the ones keeping the current situation alive to advance its corruption. Ironically, some of the big political issues today are not neatly defined between right and left. They are national issues, and that is one of the reasons Trump is enjoying such popularity. He wants to bring manufacturing back into the US. What labor unions would not like to see manufacturing brought back to the US? He wants to create an equitable wage for low skilled workers that primarily hire minorities. What group sympathetic with the minorities' plight would wish to deprive these American citizens of an opportunity for a decent wage?

I could go on, but you get the drift. I once helped a senator close down a hospital that had been placed just inside US borders so that illegals could cross over to have babies; it served the known purpose that as soon as the baby was born on US soil, there was automatically a vehicle for dozens of relatives also to arrive with legal status. Meanwhile, thousands, even millions of would-be legal immigrants are complying with the laws and waiting in line for years to enter.

Yastreblyansky said...

"A job that could be acquired by a legal American resident for $15 an hour will be done by an illegal for $3 or $4 an hour." This could be fixed without deporting anyone, by enforcing minimum wage law. And should be. It's not an immigration problem but a capitalism problem. I'm glad to say unions are increasingly regarding it this way too, and working to protect undocumented workers' rights instead of the traditional deport-'em-all nativism.

I just dropped in to note that as an ardent life-begins-at-conception proponent, Jindal may well believe that birthrate citizenship is a dirty trick performed by illegal immigrant fetuses sneaking across the border.