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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Governor Huckabee is Ridiculous About MLK

Sometimes, the signifying political candidates will do is absolutely astonishing. It's forced, calculated, ad-worthy, forgettable, and possibly forgivable when you consider that rude salesperson-techniques are sometimes necessary for a politician to get heard. And sometimes, you just understand that such and such a person is venting their hot ignorance again before their cranium blows from the steam pressure of the rotting garbage that is their thought processes.

The sulfurous bloviations of Mike Huckabee seem to provide a case in point:

He's pretty sure Martin Luther King Jr. would not like the BLM protestors in the way they highlight racial disharmony.

Because effective civil rights agitation would mean something like never actually pointing out that people are somehow treated differently? Um, Gov.? Have you ever even read the man's work?

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