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Monday, August 10, 2015

GOP Baby Daddies and the Not-A Donkey DNA Schedule

Marco Rubio has an idea about humanity which is a bit crude and unscientific:

Now, I know my toe is 100% human, but that does not make it a person. So I am not sure why Marco Rubio thinks that the inability of a fetus to become a donkey should mean anything but Duh, science. But hell, I don't even know what Mike Huckabee means when he refers to a "DNA schedule"--although scientists don't either, so...)

I also know, even if Scott Walker is confused, that even if pregnancy from rape is rare,that it happens means that some women might want to terminate rape-resulting pregnancies, and that sometimes, pregnancies are dangerous to the mother, so that, too matters.

Women really do sometimes require an abortion to live. As in the case of Savita Halappanvar.

The ignorance of these candidates about how women's bodies work should be disqualifying--they are ideology-based and fueled by an angry ignorance about how women's bodies work to even make other people. Which is what we do. With difficulty, in an actual medical process that is fraught with potential complications. They demand we produce children whether we want them or not--but deny that we bear them with any difficulty or stigma or even pain or trauma. It simply isn't the case.

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