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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

President Obama Uses Word He is Called Regularly

In context, when a grown man who has been called "the n-word" morning, noon, and night and has had his spouse called that and his children called that, and is then talked about for saying that word out loud?

That's ridiculous. It's like if I was slapped in the face, and then I had to talk about what happened to me without saying things like "slap" and "face". But it isn't just that he's most likely not the first president who has used the term and the first who never meant it as a slur.

It's that the people who are concentrating on the actual word--are proving his point. If the only thing you notice is that he said "nigger" because that is how you pronounce the thing and do not notice he said it is, in fact, not considered "polite" to use that word, you are also missing his larger point that there are many polite people who never, never, never say that very impolite word out loud, but think it and things very much like it a lot and act accordingly. Which would be a more worrying thing to deal with and one that people who are like kindergartners who have to hear "n-word" or they freak out over a certain two-syllabled six-lettered racial slur, might not be prepared to have a grown-up conversation about.

And I just typed the word and felt very badly because I heard that word growing up and it does influence me, but I actively try not to think that way, because this is how you fix the n-word problem.  You can't actually fix it by never addressing it at all.

The President said it. He knows it isn't polite, and I know saying "Fuck haters" isn't polite. But fuck President Obama's haters all the same. Especially the ones who are very much not saying, but thinking, the "N-word."

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