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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Iraq War Was No Honest Mistake.

I am not sure how anyone at all ever missed the study that showed that the Bush Administration lied 935 times in the advance to war in Iraq. They lied. They lied about why they were going to war, and they lied about how it was going, and they lied early, and they lied late.

The Bush Administration sent people in uniform out to lie for them to make things look really good.

Some people saw this run-up as a product that was being sold to us. Because that was the language the Bush Administration used. When NSA Condoleeza Rice talked about a mushroom cloud, she was basically fear-mongering. There was no good intelligence linking Saddam Hussein to a nuclear weapon. It was all unfounded.

For perspective's sake, although VP Dick Cheney uncritically accepted that the mushroom cloud thing could happen, he was blas√© in the belief that UBL intelligence was fake. They lied a lot, and we knew about a lot of the lies early.

There is no reason to look further than the Bush Administration ignoring every waft of reality sifting underneath everyone's nose, to understand that the Bush guys f'd it all up astoundingly.

Putting the blame for any of it elsewhere is just astonishing.

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