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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Saudi Arabia Should Free Raif Badawi

The freethought blogger, Raif Badawi, remains in a Saudi Arabian prison to eventually fulfill a sentence of 1000 lashes altogether combined with ten years incarcerated. 

That is, he will expect to be physically tortured and held a prisoner for having done the sort of thing I take for granted whenever I point out that imaginary friends can't grant absolution for heinous acts or that religion is generally coupted by greed, sensuality, politics, or just plain being fake to begin with.

The nation of SA is altogether too be-heady at the moment, it seems.

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mikey said...

Yes. Because Saudi is a western ally, many people are unaware of just how awful a dictatorship/police state/theocratic monarchy it really is. The state religion, Wahabism, is the basis for the kind of austere, violent, extreme takfiri Islam that gives birth to the Taliban, al Quaeda and IS. The King is in an alliance with the Wahabi clerics that goes back to the origins of the House of Saud. The brutality of Sharia law is important to the clerics, so they get their way. The King would probably LOVE to free Raif, but it's more important to keep the clerics happy than to avoid the scorn of the west.