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Friday, May 1, 2015

Oh, Connect the Dots Here, People!

You know, I wasn't really sure how to address the ongoing concerns in Texas regarding the Jade Helm operations because I try to be a sensitive soul--but I think I've really sorted this thing, so stay with me.

Some people might be irked that it looks like Gov. Greg Abbott is "catering to" the paranoid bunker-hunkerers swathed in Reynolds' metallic embrace by ordering the Texas Guard to "monitor" the military training operation going by the name "Jade Helm".  But just you consider this:

We have it on some authority (because he heard it somewhere, don't think he didn't!) from Rep. David Brat of Virginia that ISIS has set up camp in Texas as part of a pretty disturbing Syria/Mexico/Texas movement. Do you think these so-called "military training exercises" and the existence of an ISIS enclave deep in the heart of Texas are coincidental?

Wake up and smell the guano, folks. There's more going on here than you can think. Wheels within hamster wheels. I believe there is a simple and surprisingly comprehensive answer to what is going on here.

Our government, at the both the state and national level, has been infiltrated by gullible dipsticks. Think about that. Mind blown, am I right?

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