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Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Had Jury Duty Today

I wasn't doing my usual obsessive news-pondering today because I was in town doing jury duty. Some people think very little of jury duty. They think it's an annoyance, and they hope they'll get out of doing a trial. Me--well, I guess I'm a little different. I sort of like it. Now, I don't like getting up at six because I'm far enough from City Hall that my bus trip takes an hour and a half to be sure I'm there on time. (I surely do not drive down to Center City--maybe it's semi-convenient for some people, but that's a trip of basically rush hour I-95 driving and then figuring out where to park my car, and then probably a rush hour trip back--thanks, no.) And taking a lunch is stupid and eating fast food is trash, so I fasted today (until I went home--y'know). But in theory and in practice--doing jury duty is directly participating in our legal process.

How is that not awesome? Think about it--you are just some random citizen doing your thing, and you are offered the chance to review a court case and see how you think the law applies. You get an opportunity to see how the law works from a nearly front-row seat. Your law--the laws that pertain to you and other citizens. And your opinion and good judgment as a functional adult is appreciated and welcomed.

It's not greatly convenient, but you know what? It is seriously a necessary part of making our system work. You get to be a part of justice. Also you meet people from all over the city and your routine is shaken up a little.

I don't know. Some people take pride in dodging jury duty--or say they do. Me, I take my Kindle and settle in. (Being a juror counts for a lot. You never know when you might be making a difference just by turning up.) I don't necessarily hope I will be on a trial, but if I'm on one, I'll just be justicing my little heart out. True story.

Anyway I didn't get selected for a trial so regular blogging will recommence at my soonest opportunity to catch up.

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