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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Thought Experiment for Senator Cotton

Of course, Senator Tom Cotton thinks that strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities would be over in a matter of days. I'm pretty sure that's what the folks who donated big bucks to his campaign have to say about the matter, and the only thing I wonder is how long it took him to stop nodding his head after they took leave of him.

But I think a bit of a thought experiment is in order. Let's say a nation we weren't on really great terms with decided to take out some of our nuclear capacity, like, well, Arkansas One. (Sure, they'll take out Peach Bottom and Limerick, too, but we're just talking about Russellville right now.)

What would his constituents want him to do if the Bad Guys melted a nuclear power plant right in the vicinity of a town of about 30K?

My bet is, they'd want him to vote to go to war with those people until the land they're sitting on doesn't get printed on any future maps.

So, what in the merry hell does he think Iran would do about 5 or six days of playing shoot'em up with their centrifuges? I don't wonder about that part, myself.

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