Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Sunday, March 8, 2015

While Obama was in Selma, GOP was in Iowa. Again.

It goes without saying that I think that Obama's speech in Selma is one for the ages, and cements his actual commitment to the experiment that is America. So it should also go without saying that while President Obama made his most excellent speech regarding the history and thrust of freedom and the arc of justice in this country, while his own brother sat mere feet away from the current president, Jeb Bush was displaying the very pandering reason why he has no business thinking about being president.

Obama, he said, is "the first president since World War II who does not believe that American power is a force for good" in the world. The president's approach, he added, has brought "uncertainty, instability and greater risk" to the nation.

In Selma, Obama reiterated his belief that America is perfectable and tries to improve upon the past. What in the world suggested to Jeb Bush that the Giuliani bill of goods was the most saleable? And what does he mean "since World War II"?!

Also, Mike Huckabee thinks immigrants will steal his food. Oh, not if they don't want teeth marks in their arms, hoss. And Carly Fiorina was in the mix saying how Hillary Clinton never did shit like be one of history's worst tech CEO's or how she never had one of the worst ever Senate campaigns.

So, thanks again, Iowa.