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Monday, March 23, 2015

Stand With Rand and You'll Never Walk Alone?

There's a belief that Sen. Cruz jumped in a couple weeks before Sen. Rand Paul was about to launch his bid, which could be seen as an attempt to grab all the "being first" attention. I don't really know--I just found this image of Rand sweatshirts front and center at Cruz's announcement (on a college campus, y'know) sort of a reminder that he is likely to also announce soon, and unlike Jindal, Huckabee and Santorum, simply might have an appeal outside of the Christian Right (while still having bona fides with that group).

I know. Cruz and Paul both seem like ravers to people on my side of the political spectrum. The thing is, after going safe with McCain and Romney, I have a feeling that 2016 primary voters might want something new this time around. And that may very well include a high tolerance for shenanigans, of which Sens. Cruz and Paul are mostly full.

So yes, I am not actually counting either out for the ultimate nominee.

(Also--one is reminded that two years ago, Cruz did "stand with Rand". Later, he stood alone. And both were probably mostly standing then, to run now.)

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mikey said...

I've been noodling on that for a year or more. As you say, after McCain in 08 and Romney in 12, the Tea Party/Christianist wing of the party has every reason to say to the elites "your guys can't get elected, you're going to have to go with our guy".

But I wonder if they'll ultimately acquiesce. It's the national party elites who decide on the nominee, and if their rich business and wealthy white core constituency is uncomfortable with someone, they won't get the nomination. And lots of hard right positions are outside what the profit-and-wealth-centered right wants. They (mostly) don't want wars, they don't want to lose the income from Obamacare, they DO want to see some (within reason) action on global warming. Obviously, there are business sectors (defense, energy, telecom, financial) that have their own specific concerns, but when you get a true-believer ideologue in place your bribes may suddenly be less effective.

So we'll see...