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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rep. Aaron Schock is Miled Out

It's a sad thing when a relatively new model succumbs to high mileage, but that's what seems to have happened to the sporty, yet conservative young Congressman from Illinois. Although there seems to have been quite the list of expense-irregularities regarding the...

Look, I am not really sure why I'm covering this story except as a reason to use the ab picture and to caution other young politicians to really not fudge your records about the taxpayer money you are using for the things you are supposed to be doing in your elected office. This is part of my regular grouse about professionalism. Too many politicians seem to act like a kind of minor celebrity, and not as much like serious lawmakers. It's great to get publicity. It's better to do things that benefit your constituents and live up to what you ran for office for. Mascots are for the sidelines--we should elect people who get in the scrimmage. Once caught up in a mess like this, it's going to be that much harder for someone like Schock to get taken seriously and work his way back if that's what he has a mind to do.

Politics should be business. And it's hard to reconcile fiscal responsibility with this record.

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