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Friday, October 10, 2014

Sometimes the Truth is Kind of Brutal

So, a recent ad put out by Texas gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis is getting some disapprobation for being "nasty".  To sum up, the ad points out that TX Attorney General Greg Abbott, her opponent, benefited from generous guidelines for awards in civil litigation from his injury, but has done everything he could to prevent others from receiving similar outcomes.   Which would happen to be...

Pretty much exactly true. Hell, the guy has even battled against the Americans with Disabilities Act.  (And he would continue with Gov. Rick Perry's refusal to expand Medicare, leaving many Texans uninsured--it's not his problem.)

I think squawking about whether the ad is nasty is besides the point--is it true?

And no, this is not about his disability. It's about what one can expect from his policies in office. It seems like a pitiful kind of political correctness to even go there.

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