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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

No Fans Allowed?

When I saw some business on Twitter about Florida Governor Rick Scott not taking the stage for his debate with former Gov. Charlie Crist, I kind of had it in my head that by "fan", an actual human supporter of the former governor was on the stage, which would kind of make sense--but no. It was a small appliance under the podium intended to, I suppose, keep the former governor suitably comfortable under the bright lights and all that.

I feel like a "no fans" clause would be really strange to put in a set of debate rules--like, how would that benefit a candidate, unless Gov. Scott thought, I dunno, the chilly breezes would escape from under the podium, cooling his blood and causing him to go into premature hibernation or something? If there was a "no fans" clause, it would be one thing if Scott pulled it out as a violation after, let's say, doing badly at the debate, but to make a big show of it beforehand just isn't very smooth.

State of Florida--you all do know your current governor is weird, right?

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