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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Komen for the Cure: Out of their Fracking Minds?

Going back to when Susan G. Komen for the Cure made the phenomenally silly choice to get political regarding support for Planned Parenthood, which provides valuable health resources to the underserved, I've been pretty skeptical about what that organization is all about. Merely painting things pink and "raising awareness" only does so much good, and can even be harmful by trivializing advocacy down to "showing one's colors".

Which is pretty much how I feel about these lovely pink drillbits sported by Baker Hughes, an oil company that is displaying its support of breast cancer-ish positive vibes by sporting the color we've come to associate with titties.

The fossil fuel industry and the cure? Whatever. The fossil fuel industry and prevention? Well, the jury is kind of out on that one. But yeah, there is a reasonable concern about chemicals used by the industry and their impact on health--most likely including breast health.

This really isn't the first time Komen has loaned its pretty pink pose in exchange for a likely good-sized donation. But seriously, should fundraising and awareness-raising be ends unto themselves? Why not take into account that pollution from burning fossil fuels are very likely carcinogenic and sometimes even say "No" to things like this?  It might do far more good to make this planet a less cancer-causing place to live.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Standard corporate liberal-washing.

There is no difference between SGK and the horrible neoliberals who are going to blow the 2014 elections for us.

(E.g., Debbie Wassermann Schultz and Steve Israel, and the people who put them in charge of 'our' elections: President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.)

Vixen Strangely said...

I try not to be completely cynical, but when I consider that anyone with a serious eye towards doing well can be swayed by so little as "this nice man wants to give me money--let's Treat Him Right" I'm put off. Why yes, let's say the Koch Brothers come 'round with a goodie bag. Anyone who is tempted and doesn't understand the way it's "dirty money" almost can't be helped. It's like a church in an old movie taking money from gangsters--at what cost? (I might not mind more utterly blunt people like Howard Dean back in the fold.)

Vixen Strangely said...

Actually-I still kind of wonder how he wasn't on the short list for Health and Human Services, since Obama chose to make health care reform his first term big deal. That probably signaled to be we'd be getting the Romney-lite plan. Dr. Dean, I am sure, would have pushed for the bigger deal.